Mission Dedicated to alleviating malnutrition and hunger in children through education and awareness.

Program Description Chefs for Kids deliver programs through the support of University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension, ACF Chefs Las Vegas Chapter, and many dedicated chefs, and community volunteers/organizations in Nevada.

Programs Include

1. Healthy Eating - Nutrition education is delivered through the University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension. Teachers work with second and third grade students in underserved areas teaching children about healthier snack choices with fruits and vegetables. The children participate in a one-year course, once a month for 30 minutes. About 3,000 children are served monthly.

2. Cookin' up Breakfast - Chefs volunteer at these schools to prepare a nutritious breakfast for the entire student body. The organization will serve breakfast at 13 schools in 2016-17, feeding more than 9,000 children!

3. Operation Thanksgiving - Chefs prepare and deliver Thanksgiving meals to families identified as the neediest by counselors at the schools Chefs for Kids serves.

4. We Wish You a Merry Christmas - A gift card drop to 78 families identified as the neediest by the counselors at Clark County School that Chefs for Kids serve. A plate of food, a new pair of shoes, a toy to make a child sparkle, it's a gift cards that says Tis' the Season. #givingisliving

5. Twas the Night Before Christmas - With a sleigh full of toys and St. Nicholas too! Chefs volunteer to make a joyful Christmas Eve day celebration for the children at Shade Tree Shelter. This special day delivers a fabulously delicious warm meal and presents for all.

6. A Mother’s Love - Chefs volunteer to make Mother's Day a special occasion with a dinner for the families at Shade Tree Shelter.


For more info:
Contact Sue Lednicky at 702-257-5548 or e-mail